Whale OSv1.0
Whale OS - The Leading Smart Device Operating System -
Whale OS, developed by Whale Ecosystem, is an advanced operating system specifically designed for a range of smart devices. It offers exceptional efficiency, optimal performance, and incorporates all the essential features required for smart devices.

WHALE OS Linux Full Version -- Linux based RAM 1G;
WHALE OS Linux Lite Version -- Linux based RAM 512M~1G;
WHALE OS AOSP Version -- Android based RAM 1.5G;
WHALE OS Cloud Version -- Linux based 128M~512M;

Whale OS is compatible with smart TV,speakers, projectors, and smart displays. This wide range of product support demonstrates the versatility and adaptability of Whale OS for various smart devices.

Join the Whale OS Ecosystem and Elevate Your Smart Devices.
Experience the future with Whale OS today!
WHALE Voice ControlJust say it
Fun Convenient. And fast Simply tab the voice icon in the Whale Play mobile app and say it to search, launch channels, and more.

“Open iFlix”
“Search for comedies”
“Find The Grand Tour”
Catch Your TV In The Cloud
What is new
Get new content information in your TV

Discovery what content peoples watching.
screensshot you watching and share.

Share your fun
Upload or create videos in whale play,share them to your family,also can publish to public.
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